PAL's Scholarship cycle is open!

Nashua PAL is proud to offer a scholarship available for all current & previous Nashua PAL members!
This scholarship for all educational pursuits including non-traditional (vocational, trade schools, certificate programs, & other degrees or certificates tied to a career track) and traditional (2-4 year college).
Current Scholarship Cycle Deadline: May 24, 2024 **Deadline extended to May 31, 2024
Award Notifications by June 28, 2024 via email.
Award Range: Up to $2,500
Nashua PAL's Scholarship Application

Here is a sample PDF of the Scholarship Application: Nashua PAL Scholarship Application 2024 - Google Forms

Please email with any questions and read more about our 2023 Scholarship Recipients below.

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Nashua PAL is proud to announce the recipients of our first-ever PAL Scholarship!
In partnership with the Allard Family, Nashua PAL was thrilled to support these 5 exceptional young adults. Each of them has shown incredible dedication, and we believe in their potential to achieve greatness.
Alivia Espinal, a Nashua PAL Force Football & Cheer Alumni, will be attending Empire Beauty School for Cosmetology. Alivia credits her time with PAL Force Cheer as “the best years of her childhood” and says she can’t thank her coaches enough for their support and helping kids like her participate in the things they love without worrying about money getting in the way. Her goals include helping people feel better with their appearance and loving themselves, finishing as the top stylist in her class, and getting a good job right out of school. Congratulations Alivia, your PAL family is proud of you!
Alejandra Ibarra, a Nashua PAL Youth Safe Haven alumni, is pursuing her degree in Nursing at Rivier University! Alejandra, a member since age 7, says that PAL provides her with a support system and she’s beyond grateful; and she knows firsthand how important it is to give back to your community, because it really does make a difference for kids. Her goals include making the Dean's List and joining a club to expand her network. Congratulations Alejandra, your PAL family is proud of you!
Junely Grullon, a Nashua PAL Youth Safe Haven alumni and National PAL's 2022 Inspirational Youth of the Year! Junely is pursuing her degree in Child and Family Services at NHTI. She says that PAL provides her with a space free of judgment and full of support, and she wants to provide that to younger generations. Junely's goals include completing her Associates, going for her Bachelors, and traveling to see new places as much as possible. Congratulations Junely, your PAL family is proud of you!
Kane Kyer, a Nashua PAL Boxing and Youth Safe Haven Alumni, is pursuing his degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Kane was a PAL Boxer, Youth Safe Haven member, peer mentor, and big advocate. He said that PAL became a place he could call home. His ideal success in life will be helping others, and he’s already hard at work making a difference in his community. His goals include working on tech startups that aim to assist low-income families and continuing to grow through whatever challenges come his way. Congratulations Kane, your PAL family is proud of you!
Elizabeth White, a Nashua PAL Cross Country Alumni, is pursuing her degree in Arts & Sciences at the University of Hartford with a strong passion for sports broadcasting. Elizabeth said PAL XC Coach Judy helped instill the love of running in her way back in 6th grade and is the reason she is still a runner today. In fact, Elizabeth says that she wouldn’t be where she is in life today without Coach Judy’s support. Her goals include getting an internship at ESPN in 2 years and continuing to push herself to be the best runner she can be, hopefully making it to Nationals. Congratulations Elizabeth, your PAL family is proud of you!
Nashua PAL received scholarship applications for so many amazing PAL youth, but there was a limited amount of funds available. Thank you to the PAL Scholarship committee for their hard work and dedication in this challenging process. We look forward to supporting more Nashua PAL Alums in the future!

Nashua PAL is excited to offer educational scholarships to both traditional (2 or 4-year college) and non-traditional (vocational, trade schools, certificate programs, and other degrees or certificates tied to a career track) students!

Applicants must have attended/participated in a Nashua PAL program, including but not limited to, the PAL Youth Safe Haven, PAL Force, PAL Cross Country in partnership with Gate City Striders,  PAL K-9 Cheer, PAL Basketball, PAL Boxing, PAL Street Hockey, PAL Police Explorers/Nashua Public Safety Cadets, etc. Applicants will be asked to share your experience with Nashua PAL in the application.

Scholarships funds may be used for any expenses associated with the cost of attending and completing an academic or career training program; this may include tuition, room/board, fees, materials or books, transportation, technology such as a laptop, licensing or testing costs, or 'tools of the trade' required for the program of choice. The applicant should be accepted and committed to attend (or currently attending) a degree, certificate, or professional development program leading to entry into a skilled trade or profession.

Applicants will have the option to answer many scholarship questions by typing your response OR uploading a video/document/portfolio/etc that will answer those questions. We are also happy to set up an in-person interview if preferred.