Leadership Programs

Youth Safe Haven


Centered in the heart of Nashua’s “Tree Streets” (52 Ash Street), the Youth Safe Haven is open to youth 7 – 18 years of age. With unlimited programming, PAL staff and volunteers start everyday with homework, followed by creative, educational, and activity-based programs, e.g., field trips, basketball, hip-hop dance class, craft projects, healthy cooking class, and much more.

Free membership is offered to any child that is 1) attending school, 2) is being positive in the community and at home, and 3) is ready to be an active member of their community.

The building hosts the game room, library, homework area, craft room, and the PAL Boxing Gym upstairs (for age 11 and up).

Pay It Forward – Community Garden and Rail Trail

(Community Garden is Located on the Rail Trail Between Ash Street and Vine Street)

Bringing positive energy into our neighborhoods is our specialty!

Projects include: community gardens, youth-led upkeep days, city wide clean-ups, murals, graffiti removal, and so much more!

Young people that invest in their community learn life skills that strengthen the neighborhood and themselves. Youth, adults, community members… green thumbs or not, ALL ARE WELCOME! If you have an interest in participating in this program, please contact us.


 PAL Victory Academy


In partnership with Velocity Performance, youth learn leadership skills to equipped them for success! This annual event inspires more than 200 youth, teaching them leadership skills that they can put to work among their peers, at home, and in their community.

Outfitted with the proper skills, our young citizens will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Police Explorers

PAL Explorers began in 2012 and has fostered over 50 youth, providing them with the skills to protect and serve our community. Today, we continue to grow as we recruit mature young adults with an interest in Law Enforcement. We place an emphasis on hands on learning and try and provide the most realistic education possible to the youth in the program.

Explorers learn about various topics in Law Enforcement ranging from Criminal Law, Motor Vehicle Law, Domestic Violence Laws, Motor Vehicle Stops, Building Searches, Search and Handcuffing Techniques, and much more.




Designed for young women, Believe  works to empower them to make positive and confident choices.

Based within the PAL Youth Safe Haven, in a community neighborhood where more than 51% of homes are led by females, this program leads intentional conversation about topics specific to girls and young women. Led by women, this group learns about female leaders in their community, engages in group activities, and works together to inspire each other and themselves.

Every Kid Deserves A PAL!

Nashua PAL serves over 2,000 youth each year in 16 engaging and educational programs throughout Greater Nashua!