National PAL’s 2023 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award – Officer Kevin Pucillo


Press Release, April 24, 2023

Nashua Police Officer Kevin Pucillo Honored with National Award: National PAL’s 2023 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Nashua PAL (Police Athletic League) is proud to announce National PAL’s Law Enforcement Officer of the Year awardee is Nashua Police Department’s Officer Kevin Pucillo! National PAL received nominations from PAL programs across the country, and Pucillo was chosen based on his outstanding service to the Nashua community. On April 13, 2023, Officer Pucillo was presented with his award at the National PAL Gala in Las Vegas, Nevada. Officer Pucillo attended the National PAL conference alongside Nashua PAL’s Executive Director, Shaun Nelson, and Nashua Police Department PAL Officer Ben Stusse.

When a Nashua PAL staff member mentioned the idea of nominating Pucillo for this award, all PAL staff and the Nashua PAL Officer had a resounding “YES”! Officer Pucillo’s impact on PAL youth and the Nashua community is evident. Officer Pucillo, or “Puc” as we all call him, has been a Police Officer for 20 years. He joined the Nashua PD in November 2010. Officer Pucillo serves as a Nashua Police Community Policing Officer and the grant writer. Pucillo says that his role at the PD allows him the opportunity to make a direct impact on the community and that he loves working together towards a goal to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Nashua Police Department’s PAL Officer, Ben Stusse, says that Pucillo is THE Nashua Police Department representative that Nashua PAL can always count on to show up and really engage with youth and community members. When Pucillo was asked what he thinks makes him a good officer, he said that it was important for him to go into situations without prejudgment and to treat people with respect. Officer Pucillo’s smiling face and warm demeanor truly contribute to creating connections with PAL youth/families and the Nashua PD. Pucillo is always present at PAL events – from Cone with a Cop to Tactical Christmas – and often drops by for a visit to the PAL Youth Safe Haven afterschool/summer program. He even gave up his weekend to chaperone Nashua PAL’s first overnight camping program this past summer! When asked what his favorite part about PAL was, Officer Pucillo spoke clearly about how connected he was to the mission of PAL: “I enjoy working and having fun with the kids. It’s an honor to be able to give them a positive experience with the police, especially in today’s climate. I love to see them have fun and know that we’re here to help them.”

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Pucillo’s commitment to the Nashua community is also evident in how involved he is in many different committees. Pucillo not only serves on the Nashua PAL Board, but also serves as the President of the Nashua Police Patrolman’s Association, and on the Executive Board of the Nashua Police Department Relief Association; along with being a member of the City of Nashua’s Opiate Abatement Committee and Nashua Lion’s Club. PAL Officer Stusse said, “I can always count on Puc (Pucillo) to give his time and enthusiasm to the PAL kids and the community. His actions always align with PAL’s mission of connecting cops and kids in positive activities throughout the city, and we are lucky to have him in the Nashua PD.”

In his personal life, Officer Pucillo proudly boasts that he and his wife, Kerry, are celebrating their 25th anniversary this October. The Pucillo’s have 2 children, Emma and Kyle, and 2 dogs, Finnick and Julian. Pucillo loves traveling, spending time with family and friends, running, and walking his dogs. Pucillo is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Lowell with his BA in Criminal Justice (1995) and served in the United States Army National Guard (MA) from 1989 to 1995 (Corporal, B Company 182nd Infantry).

On behalf of all Nashua PAL staff and volunteers, we want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Officer Pucillo for his National award! We are so grateful for your service and commitment to the Nashua community!

Nashua PAL serves 2,000+ youth through sports, afterschool programming, & positive interaction with Nashua Police Officers. Every Kid Deserves a PAL!

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