Juvenile Court Diversion


Nashua PAL's Juvenile Court Diversion program holds youth accountable for disruptive behavior while ensuring they benefit from education and support services to improve their behavior and avoid future encounters with the juvenile court system.

The Juvenile Court Diversion program at Nashua PAL offers youth ages 12-17 a second chance through restorative justice. By addressing offenses collaboratively with victims, offenders, and community members, the program focuses on accountability, restitution, and personal growth. Successful completion of this 4-month program, referred by local police or prosecutors, results in dismissed charges, helping youth avoid formal prosecution. This initiative supports families, reduces the burden on the court system, and promotes a safer, healthier community.

Join us in empowering young people to make positive life choices and build brighter futures.

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Program Questions: Holly Mara, Director of Accredited Juvenile Court Diversion Program in Nashua and Manchester, at 603-546-6750 or email Holly

Volunteer or Donation/Support Questions: Jen Miller, Nashua PAL's Development Director, at 603-594-3733 or email Jen.

Accredited with the NH Juvenile Court Diversion Network

Nashua PAL assumed management of the Nashua Juvenile Court Diversion program from The Youth Council effective July 1, 2024. Please see our full statement below.

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Nashua PAL Expands Services with New Leadership of Nashua’s Juvenile Court Diversion Program

NASHUA, NH — June 26, 2024 — Nashua PAL (Police Athletic League) is excited to announce that we will be assuming management of the Nashua Juvenile Court Diversion program from The Youth Council, effective July 1, 2024. This transition marks a significant step forward in Nashua PAL’s continued efforts to support and empower Nashua's youth.

Nashua PAL has a long-standing commitment to providing positive and supportive environments for young people in the Greater Nashua community. The Juvenile Court Diversion program, which employs a restorative justice model, will be an invaluable addition to Nashua PAL’s critical youth programs. The Juvenile Court Diversion program serves youth ages 12-17 who face criminal charges, offering them an opportunity to avoid formal prosecution by successfully completing a 4-month program. This initiative not only helps young people but also supports their families and benefits the broader community by reducing the burden on the court and prison systems. This program focuses on repairing harm, restoring relationships, and fostering accountability among youth offenders, victims, and community members. By addressing the impacts of offenses collaboratively, we can promote healing and reintegration while reducing recidivism.

Nashua PAL deeply appreciates the partnership and support from The Youth Council during this transition. Their dedication and hard work have laid a strong foundation, and Nashua PAL is committed to building upon their successes. This Juvenile Court Diversion program is fully accredited with the NH Juvenile Court Diversion Network and will be one of 18+ such programs in NH.

“We are thrilled to take on this critical program and continue the work that strengthens our community’s youth,” said Shaun Nelson, Executive Director of Nashua PAL. “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to The Youth Council for their trust and partnership in passing the baton to Nashua PAL. The Juvenile Court Diversion program is vital in offering second chances to our youth, helping them make amends and redirect their lives positively. By integrating this program into Nashua PAL’s host of youth programs serving 2,000+ youth annually, we are enhancing our mission to reach and empower young people, providing them with the tools and support they need to build brighter futures.”

Nashua PAL ‘s Juvenile Court Diversion program aligns with our mission to build thriving, bright, and healthy futures for youth by connecting kids, cops, and community while creating opportunities for education, activity, and leadership. The Juvenile Court Diversion program enhances Nashua PAL’s ability to foster these connections and offer critical support to Greater Nashua youth.

Nashua PAL looks forward to working with local law enforcement, prosecutors, the NH Division of Youth, Children, and Families, the NH Juvenile Court Diversion Network, and many other community partners to ensure the continued success of the Juvenile Court Diversion program. Together, we will create thriving, bright, and healthy futures for Greater Nashua youth, and a safer community for all.

For more information about ways to join or support Juvenile Court Diversion, please go to www.nashuapal.com/courtdiversion.

Nashua PAL serves 2,000+ youth through sports, afterschool programming, & positive interaction with law enforcement. Every Kid Deserves a PAL!

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Jen Miller, Development Director at 603.594.3733 or jen@nashuapal.com; or visit our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/nashuapal.